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Sand Dunes

In times of crisis, rapid and effective housing solutions are essential. That's why HOUZD Disaster Housing Solutions offers innovative, quick-deploy housing options designed to provide immediate shelter and support in disaster-stricken areas.


Our housing solutions can be erected in an astonishing 5 to 7 minutes, whether deployed side by side or vertically stacked. This rapid deployment ensures that displaced individuals and families can find shelter swiftly, minimizing exposure to the elements and other hazards.

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Climate Control & Security

Each unit is equipped with climate control units, ensuring comfort in a range of environmental conditions. Additionally, our units feature secure locks, providing peace of mind and safety for occupants in uncertain times.

Comprehensive Amenities

Beyond basic shelter, HOUZD Disaster Housing Solutions offers comprehensive amenities to support the needs of displaced individuals and families. Our teams can deploy sanitary units equipped with showers and washing facilities for clothing hygiene. We also establish communal food areas, providing a space for eating and socializing while the affected area regains its functionality.

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Mobility and Flexibility

One of the key advantages of HOUZD Disaster Housing Solutions is its mobility. Our units are designed to be easily transported and relocated as needed, ensuring flexibility in response to changing conditions and shifting population needs. Whether it's moving to a safer location or adapting to evolving disaster recovery efforts, our solutions can be seamlessly repositioned to support ongoing relief efforts.

By providing rapid and effective housing solutions, HOUZD Disaster Housing Solutions plays a crucial role in empowering disaster recovery efforts. Our goal is not only to offer immediate shelter but also to support communities in regaining stability and resilience in the aftermath of a disaster.

HOUZD Disaster Housing Solutions stands ready to support communities in times of need, offering swift and reliable housing solutions that prioritize safety, comfort, and dignity for all affected individuals and families.

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